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Based in Southern California, Lisa Montagne is the editor of Archive405.com, An Arts and Culture Magazine for the Infinitely Curious. She is a writer, editor, artist, and university lecturer. Montagne is also a Swing dancer, and the host, DJ, and assistant instructor for the Atomic Tango Lounge.

The companion website to Archive405.com is lisamontagne.com where you can find her solo work at Talking Out of My Pie Hole.

In Archive 405, expect to see original fiction, personal narratives, commentaries, news articles, movie reviews, artwork, cartoons, interviews of artists of all kinds, along with other assorted tomfoolery.

Contact Archive405.com at archive405@yahoo.com if you wish to contribute ideas, or if you wish to submit some work or want to be interviewed. See Contact Us and Submissions for details.

Lisa Montagne, Ed.D.

Publisher | Editor-in-Chief

Lisa6-13Although said to be a direct descendent of Oompa Loompas, Lisa is actually the offspring of a college professor and a circus dwarf. After toiling over thousands of student papers in her job as a university English lecturer, she decided, in a mad fit of revenge, that she wanted to inflict her writing on other people instead—hence, this website. The fancy letters after her name are real, but you shouldn’t believe anything else she says.

You can find her blog, “Talking Out of My Pie Hole,” at lisamontagne.com.

The following miscreants have been regular contributors to Archive405.com

Kris Kidd 


DSC_0327Kris Kidd is a 21-year-old writer, and the author of “I Can’t Feel My Face.”  He lives in Los Angeles, California, and he should be considered armed, and extremely dangerous.



Rebecca Rathfelder

Staff Writer

RebeccaRebecca Rathfelder is a 24-year-old student at Long Beach City College. Though sometimes confused with an Amazon Warrior Woman, fighting is not one of her favorite pastimes. Instead, her hobbies include reading, writing, baking, and listening to and playing music.


Joe Janicki

Staff Writer

JoeJanickiIf Joe is not on his college’s campus, working at an office  in San Clemente as an IT Broker, or halfway across the planet blowing all of his money that he just saved for a year with his German best friend, he is here at Archive 405 putting all of his strange, yet oddly realistic, thoughts on paper. As a new recruit to Archive 405, in 2014 Joe will be enlightening us with musings on his personal interests—by person interests, he means stupid shit that you shouldn’t have to think about, but may become relevant to your life someday.