If you wish to contribute to Archive 405:

1) Send an original manuscript, photos, or music for review. We will have themes for each issue, and so send something geared toward a specific theme.

We welcome short fiction, commentary, movie or music reviews, news about art and culture, cartoons, artwork, poetry, and original music. Or, anything else you want to pitch.

Manuscripts should be no more than 2,000 words.

Possible upcoming themes:

The American dream, gender roles, sex, relationships and marriage, partisanship, west coat versus east coast, house and home, physical and mental illness, heave and hell, birth and death, seven deadly sins (e.g. gluttony). Or, anything else you want to pitch.

2) Work considered for the website will undergo a review process. These are possible outcomes:

a) It could be rejected.

b) A manuscript could be accepted with major revisions required. At Archive 405, we believe in collaboration, and without feedback, you cannot grow as an artist. Please welcome feedback.

c) It could be accepted with small revisions required, or with changes made by the editor-in-chief. All work will ultimately be approved by and/or worked over by the editor-in-chief.

d) Music, art, and photos will also be reviewed for quality and appropriateness.

If you wish to be a featured artist, you will be interviewed, provide a short bio, and supply samples of your work to be published on the website. We will not reproduce or keep your work for anything other than the feature article. No worries–we want to protect your work, and our work, too!

If your work lands in you Archive 405, feel free to pass on the link from the website to Facebook, Twitter, any other social media, friends, family, grandmas, and pets. We want you to share!

Note: Music should be submitted in MP3 files, and art and photos in .jpeg files. If you wish to have poetry on the website, after it is accepted, it must be recorded in an audio file, or recorded as a video. We can help you with this.

Send submissions through Contact Us.

Thank you for wanting to participate!

The Archive 405 Staff